Let us make you understand what waterproofing is all about

Money. unlimited is spent on construction Of buildings & structures. apart from Which one may the man-hours spent. Alas! These buildings and structures will prove to be a waste unless they are safe and secure from leakage and seepage of water.

Good waterproofing design can only help anyone eliminate these problems.

Water Should not stagnate on any building. There is always a chance of water pooling and leaking into any structure. Create slopes wherever possible, thus increasing the speed of travel of water from the surface and let it drain out.

Critical junctions. such as the seam between one facade system and another. are always prone to leakage and seepage Designers should understand these junction in great detail to prevent problems further leading to waterproofing again and hence leaving a chance more expenses.


Designs may not fail, but again there is a chance of water intrusion and that mainly can be assumed an installation error. Surface preparation, thermal and wind movements on the structure. sub-standard quality of primers used and many human errors also cause water intrusion.

In such events, just keep cool and call us. We’re at your service always to help you out of your dilemmas, Whether to get your structure waterproofed or get it reconstructed.

We’re Experts’ And you can always rely on us.

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